Alex Gaw (né Cloutier) started dancing in Houston, Texas in January of 2009. After three months of taking classes and practicing with his then girlfriend Samantha*, he attended The Great Southwest Lindyfest, and from that first night of crazy – albeit terrified – social dancing that’s all he’s wanted to do. He remembers driving home at 1am, which seemed late at the time, hearing nothing but a persistent beat in his head, and able only to repeat over and over how much fun that was. Luckily, Samantha felt the same way, and they’ve been dancing together ever since.

Alex also just graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, where he finished a long-overdue English degree and discovered his passion for writing. He has decided to combine his love of writing with his love of dance, and it is you, O Luckless Reader, who must now suffer.

The Name is a play on a song called Minor Drag, which he likes. Unfortunately minorblog.wordpress was taken. By some Germans.

*They’re totally still together. In fact, they got engaged in Sweden in July of 2013. Zounds!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Alex,
    I am looking for a fabulous blogger who is in love with swing dancing to help me get my Swing Dancer pillowcases out to that audience. I have been producing these fun pillowcases for over 13 years and they are very popular on my Etsy’s site. They show a dancing couple amidst floating instruments and they are dancing on a record album. Check it out here at my shop:


    I also have a tote bag with the design on it. I would love to see if you could do a product review. And if that is agreeable for you, I would definitely send you a set of the cases. They come in Navy Blue or Hot Pink. Your blog has a great clean design with just the right amount of interesting writing. Kudos to you!

    Thank you for considering my request. I hope that we can work together!
    Julie at Maynard’s Mousetrap

  2. Hi Alex!
    I feel like this is a very welcome addition to the discussion, thank you.

    I’m one of a group of dance event organisers in the North of England that are working on a project of shared resources, and hopefully a code of conduct (one that anyone can adopt as long as they are committed and *able* to implement it).
    I would really like to be able to link to your blog post (it would be added to a list of the resources we have accessed and that we subsequently recommend to others) and I hope that you will give us permission to do so.

    Can I email you when we’re good to go, but before we go public?

    Thanks in advance!

    Paula – committee member, Manchester Lindy.

    (If anyone in the UK reading this is personally affected by the global discussion and wants to reach out for support, or if you would simply like to hear more about the forthcoming code and associated collected resources, please email – forasaferscene at gmail dot com. It will be read by a female dancer on the Northern scene (not me) and you can remain anonymous if you are more comfortable that way.)

    • Paula,

      Absolutely! Thank you for asking permission. The idea of this blog is to help people get into discussions like this, which can often be intimidating or confusing to people. If you think it can help the people you are trying to reach then I absolutely want it to be available.

  3. And… I clearly commented in the wrong place, Sorry!

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